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Self initiated update

Today, i met with my client at 13:00pm. I went to take pictures for his website that i am creating. I took pictures of the sign outside the bar, the liquor in the bar, and the pictures in the bar.




  • research – proposal is like a mini-dissertation
  • Background research is where you should start – lay a foundation of defining the terms that you are using and be clear about what you want to talk about – you can get lots of info out of books – like the what-ifs questions e.g dawsonera will help with an overview of the topic – looking for something specific, and you don’t find it, go to advanced search and change “title descriptions” to “full text”. This should help give you an overview.
  • Make notes of keywords that you are coming up with- reading books a lot, you may come across a similar term over and over, so write it down and make it a keyword so you search that keyword elsewhere
  • You may go off on a tangent on the research – nothing worse than finishing the dissertation, and finding it boring – the beginning of the dissertation is where you can be as holistic as possible
  • Ebsco – there’s no magic journal article that will cover every single thing you want – and that is good because you would struggle to fill your word count up
  • narrow your search down by country or whatever other actors – if you end up with no results, then take a step back and broaden your search
  • The lack of information is information – you can even make a paragraph on how very little had been written about this
  • you might not find “journalism” in your research or in an article, but that doesn’t mean the article is useless
  • save the pdf article so you don’t lose it
  • In order to talk about the article thoroughly, you’re gonna have to read it
  • find one or two articles that are of interest to yo, and they’ll lead you on to 2 or 3 more interesting articles, which will then lead you to 2 or 3 more
  • journal article help to compare and contrast – you’ll be able to build up an argument/discussion
  • office for national statistics is a great place for statistics

Press Conference – Scenario

attending a conference in hull about local government

lots of councilors will be there speaking about the financial challenges faced by Hull city council

conference last 3 hours

talk about how you’ll do this conference on social media – how you’ll tell the story

  • Twitter Tweet before the conference to let your followers know about it before hand
  • Use # often
  • Only tweet when necessary
  • Any tweet you’re tweeting out must make sense
  • Retweet interesting points/tweets from other people
  • Remember to give a conclusion when it ends

News Production Days 2017/2018 – My Stories


Self Initiated project – Vintage

After being rejected by video game stores and the only anime store in Hull, I decided to broaden my perspective and look at other possibilities of clients to work with other than those dealing with video games and comic books.

I went to Vintage bar on Silver Street, where i approached the owner of the bar. I am familiar with him, as he is very friendly and my friends and i often go there. I asked him if there was any way that i could help him, and he was happy for me to make flyers for him. Vintage is a small bar, and not many people know about it. It is located near Oscars and Silvers, so it has a lot of competition. By creating flyers, i would bring awareness to the bar and hopefully attract more customers.

We only discussed this idea for an hour, however, we are to meet this Tuesday to discuss exactly what I can do to help him: I am hoping to discuss the possibility of also creating business cards, as well as designing his website