Creative Futures: Immersive JB

Shorthand social evaluation

Generally speaking, coming up with a story for my shorthand social was quite difficult. Much like my thinglink, i did not know what story to write about. I initially wanted to do a story on brexit or the general election, but soon realised this was not going to work, as i did not have images relevant to the story, and interviewing people on these topics was very hard, as almost nobody i spoke to wanted to give their views on either topic.

I then wanted to do a story on manga, a topic i absolutely adore. However, i felt it was more suited for thinglink and i did not want to do manga for both shorthand and thinglink.

Finally i decided to do my story on exciting events and exhibitions from the city of culture. I found this relatively easy, as i had taken most of the images and videos from events and exhibitions i had attended months before, so it was only a matter of compiling my photos and videos and writing a relevant script for them.

Overall i am pleased with the story due to the amount of multimedia it has. I have many pictures, some tweets to add to the multimedia and a video of musician Stevie Nimmo that i filmed myself. The story is also more of a fun story rather than a news story and is readable by some  younger viewers that prefer to read lighter stories rather than news stories.

However, i feel the story is slightly short and could definitely use more exhibitions and events with more multimedia.

My target audience for this would be the Hull daily mail, as i have focused on events and exhibitions specifically in Hull.

If i were to redo this, i would certainly think ahead on the story that i would write, as i wanted to do a story on the general election or brexit – both ideas would be difficult to get relevant multimedia for. As well i would generally keep everything simple by writing a story i find easy to write rather than topics i find boring.


Thinglink Evaluation

Having completed my thinglink project i can now look back and evaluate the process of creating what i created and the end product.

The process was rather stressful for me. I did not know what story to do at first. In the beginning i wanted to do a story on how Laptops and other electronic gadgets were banned from flights to majority muslim countries. This proved to be difficult, as finding someone to interview about it was hard since it was a sensitive topic. I was also quite scared to ask or interview people about this topic as i did not know how they would react to it.

After thinking long and hard, I then changed it to a much lighter topic yet serious topic, focusing on how too many diet soda drinks can cause a stroke later on in life. This also proved to be challenging as i barely had any interesting images for this topic, and i wanted to find someone relevant to interview about this topic, such as a dietician, however many were reluctant and did not want to be interviewed.

I then did my story on something i absolutely love – manga. Doing a story on two of my favourite manga was a process i enjoyed thoroughly. I video recorded myself talking about these two manga, backing up alot of the points i was saying and adding multimedia to the story.

I am very pleased with the videos, however in my videos i talk a lot about the different characters in the series giving examples of what makes the series good, however i don’t have videos from the actual series to back up what i’m saying. I wanted to avoid copyright so i did not add these examples, although i attempt to talk as easily as possible, even explaining the plot of the stories so that people who have never watched do not feel completely lost.

Of course it would have helped a lot to put examples of what i was saying, such as when i was talking about the different characters.

Although i enjoyed doing a story on manga, i did not like using thinglink, as i found it quite difficult to use. I did not know how to embed infographics onto thinglink, although i eventually found out how to.

If i were to do this again, i would definitely put more thought into the story that i am to write, as i picked such difficult stories not to mention i found them boring and the thought of interviewing someone relevant to the laptop ban story was one i was afraid of.

My target audience for this story is children and teenagers, as they read more comics than adults tend to.

Overall however, i am pleased with the end result.