George Orwell – Politics and the English Language

Most people agree that the English language is collapsing. Any attempt to save the old-fashioned language is for sentimental reasons. It’s believed that language naturally grows and we don’t shape it overtime.

The decline of a language is due to economic and political reasons, not just from an individual writer. English becomes ugly and wrong because of our foolish thoughts, but the ugliness of the language makes it easier to have foolish thoughts. Modern written English has many bad habits that can change if effort is put in, which will lead to clear thinking.

A dying metaphor is one that is overused and has lost its meaning. For example: toe the line, hotbed, achilles’ heel. Most of these are used without an understanding of their meaning, with a mix of incompatible metaphors. Some have been taken out of context without the writer realising. For example, toe of the line can be written tow of the line.

Verbal false limbs inflate the word making it longer than it should be. For example, serve the purpose of, take effect. Instead of being a single word, a verb becomes a phrase. The passive voice is used more than the active, and noun constructions are used instead of gerunds (by examination of instead of by examining). Simple conjunctions are replaced with phrases like “in view of”, “the fact that” and the ends of sentences are saved by anticlimax by big commonplaces like “deserving of serious consideration”.

Pretentious diction – words like element, virtual, basic are used to give objectivity to biased judgements. Adjectives like historic, unforgettable, are used to glorify the dishonourable process of international politics. words like cul de sac are used to portray elegance. It is easier to fabricate words like impermissible and extramarital than to think the English words that will cover ones meaning. This causes more vagueness.

I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Objective considerations of contemporary phenomena compel the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that a considerable element of the unpredictable must invariably be taken into account.

Modern writing consists in combining long strips of words, already done by another, and presenting the words inaccurately. Using ready-made phrases, the phrases sound pleasant.

A metaphor is meant to bring a visual image. When these images clash, like “the fascist octopus has swung is swan song” the writer is not really thinking.

Currently, it is true that political writing is bad writing. When watching a tired hack repeat the same phrases – “bestial, atrocities” it feels like watching a dummy speak. Speaking like this favours political conformity.

Right now, it is impossible to ‘keep out of politics’. All issues are political issues, and politics is hatred and lies. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer.

If thought corrupts language, language can corrupt thought. A bad use can spread by imitation even to those who should know better.

The fall of our language can be stopped. Silly words and expressions like ” explore every avenue” were discarded by the jeers of a few journalists. If people tried, we could reduce the amount of latin and greek in a sentence, and take our foreign phrases. The defence of the English language implies more than this, and it is best to say what it does not imply.

It has nothing to do with archaism, nor with making English too simple, but rather to let the meaning choose the word. Do not surrender to words. Thinking of a concrete object and describing, you tend to look for the best words to fit it. It is better to get one’s meaning as clear as possible through pictures and sensations.





The Mark Wigan Art Show


A new exhibition called “The Mark Wigan Art Show” has been launched in The Museum of Club Culture.

The art exhibition contains a variety of different paintings, drawings, print designs on t-shirts, jeans and shoes all done by contemporary artist Mark Wigan.

Wigan, originally from Manchester, has travelled to multiple cities including New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, and London where he is considered one of the leading figures of urban Art.

When asked about how long it took to complete each individual paintings, Mark said: “On average, each painting took about 8 weeks to complete, i work very fast.

I listen to music when i work, it plays a big role. I listen to many types of music, it helps a lot when i’m drawing.”



One of Mark Wigan’s pieces, available for £700. 


Print designs on shoes


Print designs on t-shirts

When asked about how he puts his drawings on clothing, he said:”I draw these by hand, then a company based in Leeds helps put these drawings onto clothes.”

It has not been decided when the exhibition will end, however Mark has stated he intends to keep it running for as long as possible:”The exhibition is going well. I will keep it going for as long as i can since people like it.”

For more information about the exhibition visit the Hull City of Culture website at https://www.hull2017.co.uk/whatson/events/carnivalesque-mark-wigan-art-show/

LAW – Copyright

Copyright = Protects journalism articles, web content, books, films, tv and radio and sound recordings

Literary work (book) is covered by copyright for the artist’s lifetime and 70 years after their death to benefit their heirs.

Copyright in sound recordings last for 50 years from when it was made

The Copyright, designs and patent act 1988 says Copyright consists of ‘original literary, dramartic, musical or artistic works.’

In 2009 the Mail on Sunday paid substantial damages to Madonna after infringing copyright by publishing 10 pictures of her wedding to Guy Ritchie. The paper was sold pictures which were copied from her private wedding album without her knowledge.

The first owner of copyright in a literary, musical or artistic work

Conservatives take the Lead

The Conservatives have gained a massive lead in the election as Labour and UKIP fall behind.

With 4,851 seats still available, they have gained control of over 400 seats and 10 councils. They have only lost two seats so far.

Tim Bowles, a candidate of the conservatives, beat Labour’s Lesley Mansell by 51.6% to 48.4%.

Labour have lost control of 275 seats and have assumed control of five councils, losing ground in Lincolnshire, Cumbria and Warwickshire.

UKIP have made a loss of 108 councillors, winning only 1 seat from Labour Lancashire Council.

Liberal Democrats have lost 36 seats, while Plaid Cymru have gained 33 seats in Wales.

On his view of the election, Vlad Stavara, 26 from East Hull stood for labour as they are trying to maintain control, as he said: “I’ve seen how Tories have been in power and they don’t seem to be keeping to their word, which shows a lack of courage.

Labour seems to be trying to keep things as they used to be before Brexit.”

He added: “I wouldn’t like to live in a country where foreign people are frowned upon. I want to see foreign people with the same rights as locals.”

Lisa Bridges, 33, from East Hull is voting for the Conservatives, as she said:

“I thought i was voting for Labour but there’s too much going on wth them, so it looks like i’ll be voting for conservatives.”

When asked the change she would like to see, Mrs Bridges said: “A change for kids. Keep them our of bother, i don’t think they do enough for kids nowadays.”






Neck And Neck – Entire fate of America rests on the shoulders of time

With the 2016 presidential elections drawing to an end, it goes without saying that tension exists both inside and out of the United States.

The elections this year have been unique, with video footage from 2005 recently released of Trump’s comments on women stating: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Along with even more recent information of Hillary Clinton’s dubious emails and what looked to be a landslide in the favour of Democrat Hillary Clinton, with the recent polls, the two candidates are practically neck and neck.

However, this does not mean that people do not have their opinions on the two presidential candidates. Hannah, 18, from Hull city studying Music at Hull College : “I think Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Donald Trump because she’s not looking to build a wall and divide different communities like Trump.”

She then went on to say: “She is not as prejudicial as Trump, he hates Mexicans and Muslims. What did they ever do to him?”

Kyle Bartle, 21, from Manchester working as a sales assistant at Tesco in Hull stated :”Everyone is voting for Hillary and following the crowd. Trump didn’t need to use celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z to entice voters. The media is just trying to make him look bad accusing him of things from 11 years ago, what about Hillary’s emails? Why aren’t they just as important?”

When asked if the election results would affect them, the two interviewees responded very differently. Hannah stated: “Well because i don’t live in America, the results wouldn’t affect me, but it would be a real shame to see America fall so low as to pick a womaniser as their president.”

Hannah then proceeded to say: ” The American people are not victims, so if Trump wins, they have no one to blame but themselves, they’re voters not victims.”

Kyle took a very different approach to the question: “Not in the sense that i would suffer under her power if Hillary became president, but America deserves better. Trump may be a sex offender, but at least he’s honest.”

“If Hillary won, who knows what will happen to America? She talks of of helping the middle class over and over again, putting blacks on the same level as whites, does she even mean all that? She’s just so desperate to become president.” Kyle continued.

When further questioned individually about who they thought would win the presidential elections: “Hillary of course. If you check the polls i think she’s still ahead, and she’s going to stay ahead.” While Kyle responded: “It better be Trump if the American people want to make their country great again.”

With  just over a day remaining until the next president of the USA is chosen, it is only a matter of hours left until the fate of America is decided.