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Writing For Purpose 12 day Campaign Reflection – Target Audience and why I used specific pieces of Social Media that I chose to use.

My article is for the Hull Daily Mail, as it is about the struggles faced by the homeless in Hull, which is a local issue.

Hull Daily Mail has a circulation of ‎40,000 and above, so a local issue such as homelessness may attract many people. (Hull daily mail, 2016)

My article is targeted towards adults. In my article, I write about a campaign and the challenges faced by the homeless. The language used is not slang that teenagers would use; I do not use words such as isn’t and wasn’t unless it is a quote.  In addition, the article is informative instead of entertaining, as entertainment would be for children and young teenagers who are primarily interested in entertainment more so than information.

For my article, I used Audioboom, Infogram and Google maps.

I chose to use Audioboom as I was interviewing a homeless man to understand why he felt Humber care was not good. As I cannot use Short hand, I wanted to record what he was saying in order to not miss key information. In addition, I used Audioboom in order to edit out information I felt was not sufficient for the interview. As well, hearing the voice of someone brings the article to life and gives it a unique touch.

I used Infogram for my article as I wanted to present the statistics I used in a visual manner to make my article more appealing. As well, infogram was useful as I used graphics to present the information; this is because graphics are relatively easy to understand, as infogram is able to take complex information and turn it into simple, understandable information visually.

I used Google Maps for my article I wanted to show where the homeless people live, which I felt would be best represented on a map. Google maps are able to bring together different locations and pin point them accurately which would be difficult to do using other tools, as Google maps is tailored specifically for pin pointing specific locations. As well, like infogram, it is also visually appealing and relatively simple to understand.



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News Stories in Writing For Purpose Reflection

News Stories in Writing For Purpose

Since joining, i have found it easy to learn how to write a news story. I learned how to write a captivating headline to catch the reader’s eye, however i still struggle with my consistency, because i do not read newspapers as religiously as i should be reading them. At times i get lazy and happen to not read a newspaper at all.

Structuring a story is something i still struggle with from time to time: i find that at one point the structure of my story is spectacular, and the next time it is horrendous. This may be due to the fact that i rarely read newspapers. Despite this, however, i am all the while improving my written structure skills by writing more news stories.

For my blog posts, i chose to use a more professional style of writing as opposed to my Manga blog. This is because the posts for my manga blog are personal and come from my point of view, as opposed to the stories I write for this blog, which are for a wider range of people.

AudioBoom Reflection


I enjoy using the program because i can easily record what someone talks about without having to go through the burden of writing it down instead.

With that being said, however, i do not like it because you cannot edit the recording in the middle: so if a mistake has been made you cannot edit what has been said halfway through the recording. I find that very illogical, but i still like using it.

It is very simple to use and handy especially because i cannot use short hand so in an interview this becomes extremely useful for example, in this interview, i used Audio boom to interview a homeless man on the challenges he has faced with Humber Care.


Infogram Reflection


From the time that i began using Infogram, i have improved a lot. I now find it so much easier using the program and i am learning more and more about it each time i use it. There is still a lot i need to learn from it, however, i feel as though it is extremely reliable, especially when i would like to portray visual images like graphics or statistics. Graphics are visually appealing and are easy to understand.

Google Maps Reflection

Google Maps

Although i had learned to use Google maps to create a story, i struggled quite bit for my news story on homelessness, because i have not been practicing with Google maps so i had forgotten how to create maps to show locations. However i find it easier to use and very enjoyable.

As a journalist, it is extremely important to use Google maps in a story the visual information would give readers something to look at other than just long text, as well Google maps are relatively easy to understand, and it is useful when trying to show a specific point or place.

12 Day Campaign: The Struggles of the Homeless in Hull


Hull Tent City Eviction 16/11/2016


A 12 day campaign set up by Jerome Wittingham, a photographer, interviewer, and digital media producer that has been studying homelessness for over 10 years, aims to shed light upon homelessness in Hull. The campaign, funded by the Hull City Council, aims “to look at all issues of homelessness” according to Jerome.

When asked about some of the major issues facing homeless people, Jerome said: “There is a lot of provision of food, it’s too freely available. Some of the projects could be campaigning for more available housing so that the homeless have a place to sleep, instead of giving food to them.

“The system is also very punished based; you can’t get a hostel space if you are known as an alcoholic.”

The number of homeless households has fluctuated over the last decade in Hull. Here is the number of homeless households in Hull from 2000 to 2004; here is the number of homeless households in Hull from 2007 to 2010. (Statistics, 2008)

Mike, from Hull, who has been homeless for 6 weeks after being released from prison for drug abuse, said: “Humbercare are getting me a bed set. I signed for that, and because i have a bad leg, i’ll be able to get my sick claim in, then can start getting my money. Benefits will pay for my rent up until my leg gets better.”

According to Mike, here are the main hostels in Hull where the homeless sleep.

Although he is getting a place to sleep, Mike has faced some challenges with Humber care.



Statistics, N. (2008)






Storify = A social network app that lets you create a story/stories using social media sites liker Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Google and Flickr.

It is an extremely handy and easy tool to use, as all the user has to do is search for a keyword and create a story by dragging the results of the keyword onto his timeline.

For example, with the 2016 elections, the user can simply type in election USA 2016 using Twitter on Storify. After pressing enter, results will come showing the search for the elections, what people have posted, and the user can pick the ones that he likes, drag them onto his timeline and create a story.


Audioboom & Photo

Audioboom is an app that can be used to interview a person in the form of an audio. You can use a mobile phone by downloading the app. If downloaded for free, each recording time has a maximum of 10 minutes, but the posts are unlimited.

If, however, you were to download the paid-for version, you must pay £6.99 a month, however with 60 minutes for each post.

Recording Process

  1. You can pause at anytime by clicking pause
  2. If everything is good, click publish. After that, you can do the following:
  • Give it a title
  • Put a photo, because they make it look attractive
  • Add a location – think carefully before doing this

Editing Text

If you want to add or remove info, click the edit button at the top of the page on the left. Use this to edit your sound file, descriptions and titles. Click ‘Save Changes’ button

Editing Audio

  1. Click on ‘Crop Audio’
  2. In the ‘Edit Your Audio Clip’ window, you have the following options:
  • Drag the red arrow to the right to remove the sound at the start of the clip
  • Drag the red arrow to the left at the end of the track to9 remove the end of the clip
  • Use the exact audio runtime markers ‘from’ and ‘to’ for precision cropping. You can’t edit the middle bit of the audio – just crop the start and the finish

Today, I used Audioboom to conduct an interview on the axeman in Hull that was shot and killed, and whether it was right or wrong to kill him.


Tom Photo Journalism & Digital Media Hull College






“I’m not TJ, I’m not TJ.” Cop destroys and pries through windscreen.

“I’m not TJ, I’m not TJ.” Leon Fontana, 25, was the victim of what he claims to be “a completely unlawful act”, as a London police officer smashed Leon’s car windscreen as Leon was still inside the vehicle, then proceeding to pry his way through with a penknife.

“What’s the problem officer? Why ain’t I allowed to drive the car?” Leon asked as the policeman, sawing through the windscreen responded: “You’re disqualified. You’re not allowed to drive.”

The aftermath of the ‘unlawful act’ resulted in Leon getting fragments of glass in his eyes. ‘Every time he smashed the glass, fragments of glass were just ricocheting in my face.’ Leon told the daily mail.