Year 1

My Life

My name is Baltzer Musherure. I am 19 years old from Kampala Uganda. I have 2 spectacular siblings: Daphny, 25 and David, 27. We do not have a mother, as she died when we were children. My father, Mustapha Tumwesigye, is a businessman that sells computers to the government and owns and runs a restaurant together with his 2 Siblings.As a family, we are rather religious. We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I studied in Uganda for most of my life, later moving to Kenya in a school called Peponi to study my IGCSE’s and A levels. The experiences in Kenya, both educational and non-educational, I believe, have hardened and prepared me for life outside Africa.


I joined Hull College on the 26/10/2016. I joined quite late as I had to do an IELTS test to test whether or not I was proficient in English. A few weeks after getting my results of the test, I applied for a visa which was successful and I travelled to the UK to pursue a degree in Journalism in Hull College. As I enrolled late, I do not have a lot of knowledge on the students, as firstly I haven’t spoken to them, and secondly it is half term ergo they are not in school. Although I have only been in Hull College for less than a day, it has been an exciting experience being so far away from home, and a thrilling experience witnessing the amount of catch up work that I must do. The experience so far has definitely exceeded my expectations on what the college experience would be like. Although I missed fresher’s week and joined in late, I am rather excited to make new friends and face challenges ahead of me head-on. As for the UK itself, I imagined I would experience racism as soon as I set foot, however, to my surprise everyone I have spoken to not only in the College but on the streets has been extremely friendly and helpful.