Self initiated project update

Through the reading week period, i contemplated changing my idea from working with Hull Homeless Outreach to comic book shops.

I began looking into homelessness, as i have covered this topic many times and worked with organisations such as Hull Homeless Outreach and HumberCare. I initially wanted to work with Hull Homeless Outreach for my client project, as i have worked with them before and got along with them well. However, i was unable to get in contact with them for a long time. I tried calling them every day but nobody answered the phone. I soon realised as well that I did not want to do anything on homelessness, as i have covered the topic too many times and I wanted something new.

As I really adore manga, I decided to change my idea and work with a video game store, as there are no anime stores in Hull (or so i thought). I traveled through the city center, going to game stores such as Grainger games and Archeron Games, however, I was told that they did not need my help as they already had people managing their websites. They were not interested in working with me, as they felt I would add no value to their businesses.

After searching online for “comic book stores near me, I then came across a store called “Amazing Fantasy”, and to my surprise, this was a comic book store that specialised in anime: one of the very few in Hull. Eager, I went to visit this store. To my disappointment, however, I was told they had business cards sorted, as well as their website, and there was nothing I could do to help them. I was very sad, as I really love anime, and the fact that there was no way that i could help the business saddened me, as i did not think there was any other client project I would like to do other than anything related to anime.




A storyboard is series of drawings in the form of a panel or panels with some dialogue which show what will happen in a shot or a film. An example of a storyboard would be the diagram below

A Flatplan is actually very similar to a storyboard. The director would use a flatplan to arrange layouts and pages in a rhythmical way so that the magazine has a flow.


Self Initiated project – 2ND Week

For my self-initiated project, I have decided to look at two possible clients – Hull homeless outreach and a comic book store. I have worked with the Hull Homeless Outreach before, and I liked the experience as they were extremely friendly and patient with me when I filmed and interviewed them for a previous project. I would like to ask what i could possibly do to help them, such as helping them further improve their website, or raise awareness to their organisation as a whole.

I also want to look at a possible comic book store as a client, because i love manga, however, there are no manga clients in Hull so the next best alternative would be a comic books store. I have not thoroughly thought about what i could do to help them, however, i will continue to think about this.


For my first person piece, i did not have an idea about what to do, so i decided to do a topic i have covered before – homelessness. I befriended and interviewed a man who once had a home but is now homeless. He was reluctant to do the interview at first, but after becoming more chatty and relaxed, he opened up more.

I enjoyed talking to him, as it made me aware of the rising problem of homelessness and how bad some homeless people are treated.

I believe a story like this should be published in a regional newspaper and aimed towards an older audience, as younger people might not be so keen on reading about topics such as homelessness.

First Person – From Wealthy To Homeless

The saying is true – life really does change in a flash. You can go from being the healthiest person that has never smoked to being someone diagnosed with lung cancer, or like me, someone who had a home and is now homeless.

I was born in Hull in 1986. I had a fairly good childhood as I grew up with both parents and was loved. My mother stayed at home to look after me when I was a child, and my dad worked as a civil engineer. I moved out of the house when I was 20 and got a nice flat by myself.

Later on, though, i started taking drugs because of peer pressure. A lot of my friends were doing hard drugs like Cocaine and Heroin, and so to fit in, I started doing them as well. I also began drinking a lot. At first it was not a problem, but afterward, I became very addicted.

I became so addicted to taking these drugs, that i started carrying them with me everywhere i went, just in case i wanted another dose. The police eventually caught me about a year ago, when I was sniffing cocaine in plain sight, and I got arrested for drug abuse.

To make matters worse, if you are in jail for less than 13 weeks, you get to keep your council flat. All you have to do is sign a piece of paper and your rent is paid for you. If you are in there for more than 13 weeks, you lose your flat, which is what happened to me.

I had a lot of items in my flat, like a PlayStation, a Sony Television, a  bicycle. Everything I owned was in seven bags. I left these bags in Humbercare before I went to jail. When I came out of prison, I only had three bags remaining. They just threw all my belongings away. Everything I owned was worth more than £5,000. I could have sold all of it to make more money, but instead, all I was left with was a little money and a sleeping bag.

About five months after Humbercare lost my items, I was able to buy some cheap warm clothes with the little money I had left. I felt very hopeful again, but then a group of six boys beat me and stole all my stuff. It became even harder to ask for change because I looked more like a thug with all the bruises than someone on the street.

I felt so broken, and almost went back to doing heroin and cocaine. After that, I had to swallow my pride and ask random strangers for change: it was the worst feeling ever because I felt so ashamed, and knowing I was well off before only made it worse. I sat outside restaurants on a Saturday night because I knew that was when everyone was drunk and ordering food. A lot of the people were friendly and gave me change because they were drunk, but sometimes they spilled drinks at me and yelled at me saying I should get off the streets or move out of their way.

At that time, the worst part about being homeless was not that I was on the streets, but the number of people lying about being on the streets, I always saw so many people who had jobs pretending to be homeless. They would often get caught, and people began doubting whether anyone was really homeless. It was so annoying because there were some who were really starving and did not know if and when they would eat.

I slept rough on the streets near banks, bars outside people’s houses, and shops. When December arrived, I barely had anything to keep myself warm with so I would use the little change I got from people to buy beers to help keep me warm, or at least get drunk to take my mind off the cold. That helped a little, but then my head would be pounding the next day and I would wake up in a face full of vomit with people walking past me giving me dirty looks.

I regret ever taking drugs in the first place, but life has picked up a lot since then. About two weeks ago, I managed to get some volunteer work, and a cousin of mine volunteers as well. He is helping keep me off the streets. I am also looking for a job, but I do not know what I want to do. I hope to look back in a year and laugh at all this.



For my proper feature I chose to do a story on dating, in particular dating apps and how younger people are using them more these days and whether these apps are a better method than meeting face to face.

This was a very fun topic for me, as I was able to get a lot of differing opinions on the subject.

I added a few statistics and facts about dating to make this story seem more like a story rather than simply having interviews.

This story would be well suited for a young audience, as the story is about how dating apps are affecting their generation, however it could also be suited for an older audience, because i incuded the opinon of an elderly woman. It would be best suited for a regional publication like The Daily Mail as it concerns young people not just in Hull, but around the UK as i included facts and figures about online dating in the UK as a whole.


I attended a Comicon event in the Guildhall. I was looking for ideas for a review on the internet, particularly the “What’s on – Hull City of Culture 2017” website, and the Comicon event caught my eye.

I enjoyed the event and felt I had enough to write about on it. I interviewed the person behind the event, Steve Bowman, and asked him about Comicon, how the idea came about and if he thought it was a success. Since he was the event planner, I felt it gave this story a more professional look as I talked to someone of authority regarding this particular event.

This piece would be well suited for the Hull Daily Mail, as it is about the Comicon in Hull. However, it could also be for a wider publication such as The Daily Mail, as it involved people outside of Hull such as Marvel comic book artist Russ Leach who is from South England. This story would be targeted towards a young audience, as it involved animations and comics – which the younger audience would be attracted to.


We discussed whether or not Britain has a free press.

We concluded that Britain does not have a free press for the following reasons:

  1. There are too many restrictions such as Section 40, the Terrorism Act and the Espionage
  2. Privately educated white men are the ones that control the media – Six billionaires own 75.1% of combined print and online press
  3. Injunctions – Injunctions could now see journalists not publishing stories. In 2016, reporters were banned from revealing the identity of a celebrity involved in sexual affairs outside their marriage.
  4. Corporate advertisors can influence the content – Peter Oborne, former editor at The Telegraph, resigned as he was prohibited from writing about the HSBC tax scandal, since it was one of The Telegraph’s major corporate advertisers.
  5. Intelligence services manipulate the press – An example of how exactly the press are manipulated is shown by David Leigh, a former investigations editor of The Guardian. He explained how the secret service attempt to secretly spy on others: “The first is the attempt to recruit journalists to spy on other people, or to go themselves under journalistic “cover”. This occurs today and it has gone on for years.” He continued, saying how a friend of his,  Observer reporter Farzad Bazoft, was executed by Sadam Hussein for spying


For my CATS essay, I chose to discuss whether or not Britain has a free press. I chose this topic because I felt I could get a lot of information

At first, I knew very little on the matter: I did not fully understand what Section 40 was and how exactly it would affect free press, and in my first draft I did not even include the Investigatorsy Act or the Terrorism Act. I wrote about bias and how that would affect free press when in reality it would not affect it. It was a terrible first draft. However, after a lot of research and reading I finally began to understand more about the topic.

I included points and information about section 40, the Investigatory, Terrorism and Espionage Acts, as well as injunctions. I discussed how billionaires own the press, and how this affects press freedom, as

I feel as though I could have expanded more on some topics points, such as giving examples of how journalists might have been prejudiced and how exactly that would affect free press. That being said, i was able to give an example of a Muslim man who said he had trouble getting a job and it would have been easier if his last name was an English name.

Overall I am happy with the essay.

My research concluded that Britain does not have a free press.